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Ultimate Ceramic Bearings new offerings in performance bearings, brings a whole new world of unseen performance, technical enhancements, and reliablity.
The new range  of  bearings, NanoTec Ceramic bearings (substrate nano technology lubricating of the whole bearing race) which fuses the lubricant into the material substrate of the bearing races.give the performance of full ceramic bearings , but after extensive testing and enhancements, we can offer this from our hybrid bearings...

We work closely with our bearing manufacturer (incidentally the supplier of a top Formula one race team) in 4 processes to give you a bearing that is top quality, and performance wise unmatched.

Firstly we have the S440c races made to our spec, our tolerances, our surface finish requirements. The races are then measured for roundness and are closely matched to each inner and outer as possible. This ensures when the balls are fitted they remain as smoothly rotating as possible. These races remain "matched" throughout the whole assembly process.  

Second, the races are then sent out to our surface treatment partners who then give the surface of the races our top tech treatment.This involves a substrate penetration process that actually give the stainless steel races a further structure of corrosion resistance, and slippery surface, that means we need not run them with lubricant. 
This process will give the bearings the reliability and longevity of any steel bearing, yet  needs no grease to hold back the performance.

Third process is to return to our assembly process, where the bearings are cleaned of any residue, and then assembled with PA material ball retainers, Genuine G5 graded Silicon nitride balls (Si3N4)  and purpose made seals which again don't slow the bearings down.

Fourth process involves our spin test, with some loading to ensure  no undue lateral play which could prematurely wear the bearings.

The process is complete, and  it's then ready to roll... so to speak

Used by elite athletes around the world,Uci pro teams, world TT champion Colin Lynch and National championship medalists including Matt Bottrill, all have given us nothing but praise for the bearings we supplied them

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Zipp using 6803 set of 6

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